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Just as the graphics industry has changed over time with technological advancement in the same way, the ways and techniques of illustration have evolved to a greater extent. The digital tools, online applications and software packages not only ease up the illustration process; rather, these digital tools help in expertly imitating the traditional effects. Apart from that, these tools and applications also allow you to experiment and switch between different techniques, styles and materials. Just as the world of illustration is filled with numerous styles and genres, similarly, this world offers you an extensive collection of advanced and useful tools and applications.
With time, the illustration industry has rapidly, and with the introduction of technologically advanced tools, applications and software packages, illustration has become one of the widely-preferred and opted profession. With the introduction and advancement of modern tools and applications, the going rate for children’s book illustrators and artists also change with time. The traditional illustration is one of the oldest types of illustration, which consist of hand-drawn artworks. Other popular and widely-used techniques of illustrations are mentioned below:
• Woodcutting illustration.
• Metal etching.
• Pencil illustration
• Charcoal illustration
• Lithography.
What are the best and widely-used software packages and online applications used for digital illustration?
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