How to clean a genuine leather jacket

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How to clean a genuine leather jacket

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Leather Jackets is mostly in every person’s wardrobe and quality of jacket will never go out fashion. They are expensive and can also be expensive to clean. You can’t throw them in the washing machine. Here’s a guide for how to clean a genuine leather jacket.

-Do not use bleach-based cleaners. They can damage and dry the leather jacket.
-Before cleaning you must identify the type of leather. It can help you in choosing the appropriate products and thbest-suiteded methods of cleaning.
-Start cleaning by dusting the leather product using a soft cloth and wipe away.
-For genuine leather,the methylated spirit is a great idea for cleaning.
-After cleaning, it is important to conditioner your jac to prevent from any damages.
-You can remove the bad smell by using vinegar.
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