VR in movies

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VR in movies

СообщениеАвтор: GlennSmith Пн окт 14, 2019 7:39 pm

This may be a far fetched idea but what if we could experience our favorite movies right beside our favorite characters. The idea seems quite futuristic but it's definitely possible. Ever since the advent of VR games we are constantly pushing the boundaries and it's not long until a virtual reality design services studio decides to produce a vr feature film starring your favorite movie stars without any of them actually featuring in it. Some might argue, but we are yet to achieve a completely computer generated human, indistinguishable from the real world. However, we have gotten to the point where entire movie sets and on-screen environments can be CGI and the viewer wouldn't notice. This is an important consideration for movie studios, because leveraging those CGI environments moving forward may be as simple as selecting an asset that has already been produced for a previous endeavor, including CGI humans as well. The recently produced Lion King remake did just that, in large part thanks to VR.
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